One Globe
A Catalyst for Global Change

One Globe Corporation (OGC) is a sustainable infrastructure company that develops replicable, scalable solutions for global sustainability. Our projects power a ripple of economic, environmental, equality and entrepreneurial initiatives that ultimately help communities and countries realize long-term prosperity.

"I believe in our resourcefulness and in our capacity to invent solutions to the problems we have ourselves created."
–Richard Branson, Global Entrepreneur


One Globe Vision

Our vision is a world where sustainability of the planet and prosperity for its people are universally embraced as a way of life.

Because climate change is the defining human development challenge of the 21st Century, One Globe is actively participating in the worldwide edict to explore, develop and implement solutions. The poorest countries and most vulnerable citizens will suffer the earliest and most damaging setbacks, even though they have contributed least to the problem. Looking to the future, no country - however wealthy or powerful - will be immune to the effects of global warming.

One Globe Mission

Our mission is to catalyze positive global change through economic and environmental infrastructure development while providing excellent financial returns for our investors. Through our nonprofit arm - One Globe Foundation (OGF) - we also develop social infrastructure to transform OGC projects into vehicles for social development.

To accomplish its mission, OGC aggregates natural and energy resources in the design and implementation of infrastructure projects - including clean energy delivery - for select global regions. These projects are vehicles for both return on investment and return on impact. The One Globe Portfolio includes projects that reward investors and catalyze communities.

The Global Platform

One Globe has adopted and is solely focused on implementing the globally-defined trinity for sustainable infrastructure development - Economic, Environmental and Social.

The Global Trinity

Our groundbreaking approach to sustainable infrastructure development successfully integrates strategic solutions into our business model to create wealth, spur growth and spark social change.

One Globe Brief

The catalyst for global change


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  • Catalyst for Global Change
  • Sustainability Goals
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  • One Globe Model


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Our Beliefs

One Globe believes that:

  • We must focus on the dual-energy challenges facing the world - meeting increased global energy demand while reducing the growth in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We must infuse our core mission of sustainability in all of our projects to provide the highest and best outcomes for the human condition and natural environments, both now and into the future.
  • We, the global community, must do our part to meet our economic, ecological and social obligation to each other and the planet.
  • The practice of realizing two types of ROI - Return on Investment and Return on Impact - must be adopted if we are to strike a balance for global sustainability.
  • Project success is measured with a quadruple bottom line that encompasses purpose, people, profit and planet.